Montag, Februar 27, 2006

It must be strong as my XR starter,but how good it works!She took me every place i wanted to go with.Our old C-90 "Econo-Power" is 14 years old and still running fine.
I did many tripps to the Sierras , crossing small brooks and climbing old tracks.
Got fresh Peperina at 2370 meters high placed Rancho Ferreyra.
Had a great time at my beloved San Javier.Even my youngest son Sven had his first ripio rides with me,so he askes all the time for more!!!!

Dienstag, Februar 07, 2006

Its DAKAR time,but for sure not "the" racing.
One of those days i encounter a few RTW bikes,standing outside a bike shop.
A few days later having spark problems on my bike i decided to go DAKARMOTOS.
It was solved quick and since then i am a regular visiter customer and MATE drinker there.
Sandra and Javier run this shop that is specialized in atending the real RTW biker .From little to a moderate better prepared shop.Honesty is there brand!
Foreigners,locals with familys enjoy there hospitality.

S0 soon the bike was tested in ripio,i decided to adapt my old TESCH panniers to my new bike.So a new frame was build.It took me two weeks of cutting,welding and bending......but done!
Now i can choose the way of travelling.Soft or hard.

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