Donnerstag, Dezember 28, 2006

Put a Pro Tapper handelbar from Wirtz with raisers (35mm) and new burk busters.

For those who being asking me for pictures of the panier rack.....

Mittwoch, Dezember 13, 2006

Some more to share....

The meeting of Horizonsd in Viedma was the perfect test ride for my rebuild engine.With the windy ruta 3 i could take a real average on many consumptions.
The most important one for me being oil.for 1000 km she took only 200cc.I am very happy with it.
The meeting was great and could met again people from last year.We had plenty of time to talk,drink and eat.
In all my bike is again in 100% shape.She can run constant up to 130 km/h with the paniers.But i keep it only up to 100.Whats the point of speeding when your travelling.
Poor Javier,he forgot to look at the oil level of his trusty africa.The result of it came in a terrifing sound of a jammed engine!
One vehicle i found very atractive there is the "BEAST" a 4x4 Landy from the UK armed forces.Greg and Alexis are moving with it all the way to Alaska.
Tom and Christine made some tasty falafel.First time for me!
I had also the first can of "Heinz baked beans" from Andrew and Maia.
Now i know why he was so desperate to get some on hand.Phill was the lucky bringer.He put 18 cans into a spare tire........
Now in february i will be travelling in Cordoba and San Luis again.


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