Freitag, Januar 06, 2006

Why i did choose this name? because it describes a absolute feeling of freedom and joy! From very little driving with my father the ripio roads in my beloved Traslasierras de Cordoba .This mixture of smells,moister,heat and cold marked me for ever.The smell of fresh grass and peperina(kind of mint) after the rain....and wet sand is one of the most potent elixirs i can remember.Its like a time machine.

My first bike trip ever was done with a Honda CX 500 ,counting only 17(1987)! It was a distance from 900 km.I started this journey at the first ligths and arrived that same day after 16 hours ride!
Half of it tarmac the rest RIPIO.This means after La Punilla(SAN LUIS) the fun ride began!Curves and mountains....espinillos and algarrobos.Dust and brooks.

The next few month marked my personality and knew that i could never leave the two weehls!

On 89 i flew to Germany and another chapter of bikeriding began!


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