Samstag, Dezember 12, 2009

Today i picked up my new "home made" tank bag.Yes DAVIDE is an intalian student who lives in BA.He found a way to improve his incomes by doing at home with very little tools but knoledge all the stuff he advertise at his page.
The quality is stunning.All is done with the best available materials in BA! I even compared it with my first brand from europe....far away in details!!!!
If you are in BA contact him and you will be surprised,not only of quality and good price,but from his italian hospitality! Davide......the best!

Dienstag, März 24, 2009

Carlo Duval ( Australia)
Jorges office and where i slept
Sebastians Twin
Tauradan himself
Leo Schultze (Kölle)

And it was time again to ride to "La posta" in Azul.The reason was Jorges 51 birthday party.As usual an superb asado was done for all the present.
Vacio,chorizos and asado where on each table.Icecold Stout,bock and rubia Quilmes beer where for the thirsty party.
The ride was nice with a terrible storm in Cañuelas.Apart from this it was a smooth trip.Arriving there i was welcome with Ken´s "Stouts" special.
Felices 51 POLLO!!!!!

Montag, Januar 19, 2009

The last section was done and this year rally over!
Lost bikers(navigation was dificult even so close to the finish line!!!!)

French army testing military vehicles int the rally!!!!!

Upsssss just picking up the fallen bike....

The press was eating him allive

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