Sonntag, Januar 08, 2006

Once in Germany(1989) with no bike but all the desire of owning one,the search for the apropiate model began!After living in Hamburg,Franfurt,München and Köln (my oncle Udo is a baker there)i decided to put my anchor there! Very frendly people and near other countrys.
Of course a job was taken for the purpose of a new bike. I dreamed as a kid of riding a BMW boxer bike.And when i saw the R80 G/S Paris-Dakar the decision was taken!Money was the only thing in between. But after a few months of savings the bike was baugth in BONN.

I was in love with my bike! A 32 liters tank a single seat! Absolute madness.
The travelling in Germany begun.But soon realized that better clothing was necesary.
It was usual in Argentina to ride without helmet,protective clothes etc! Just jeans, dark glasses and army boots.
I never had a rainsuit.What for,in BA the rain is not an issue.But in northern Germany a matter of health.
So Regenkombi,boots(long and protected) a nice helmet and gloves entered the inventory.

Longer and nicer rides could be achived now! Belgium,france,netherlands ,austria,italy and swiss where visited.

One day a woman invited me to visit her and her husband, as they watched my bike for a longer time parking on the street. A few weeks later i did so.
I must say i am a lonley rider.I enjoy nature in my selfish way!
But a great friendship was born those days.
Bernd and Ruth Hoffmann turned out to be a guide and suport for the next few years.
Bernd is a great companion and shared the same music taste! Ruth had a strong caracter was very humble and allways helpfull.
We did many trips together and where allways upgrading the bikes! The best years of my time in europe! Meetings where visited and more friends where met.But like them not!!!!
Shortly before i returned to Argentina Ruth passed away in a stupid and terrible car accident.
Bernd was seriously injured.He never recovered from this tragedy.I missed her a lot!
During my tripps and work i met my wife.Ilona is a beautyfull young rider from Kenten(Bergheim).She took the risk of going with me to Argentina.....and this resulted in three boys!
But this is part of my argentinian chapter.


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