Sonntag, Januar 15, 2006

First trips in Cordoba,Uruguay.Encounter with local friends....
Ohh what a shock! Crazy way of driving in argentina!!!!
After switching my brain to the "local" way of driving anything my next search began again.What kind of bike:
Enduro.... absolutly but......heavy monster or bicicle feeling?
My G/S was very manuvrable but heavy.Excellent for european roads.
So no africa twin or super tenere was considered.
TT 600 or XR 650.After looking around in Buenos Aires the decision was taken.
As allmost no Yamaha dealers where found but dozens of Honda..........
Using for 90 days a C-90 gave me the idea of a powerfull but ligth bike.
So i went to the shop and payd cash my new XR 650L.94 build.
Uauuu what a riding feeling.Its like trying do calm down a bronco horse!
As we began a new chapter in family sense Ilona was having our first son.
Our last trip in many years together was done.Uruguay.
Soon i realized that the 10 liters tank is useless here!So i ordered the 40 liters version in Acerbis(italy).The form of it is like the PD version of the rally machines.Perfect fit and better ventilated then the original.
Trips in Cordoba,San Luis and catamarca where done.80% of it of course RIPIO.
What a feeling,my inner child was conected again!
The bike is my matching partner.

All good things come to an end! The last trip ended and the bike was sold.Not easely.
1994 i decided to migrate back to the sun and ripio roads!
Africa is an continent that tempted me (and still does) but i decided in favor of my beloved argentina!
I asked my Ilona if she would take that risk with me! She did so .
The city of Köln is my spiritual home.There i feel very comfortable and pleased.
Left many great friends and family behind.
And Traslasierras is the place where my body feels home!
I am abusing my body now but there will come a time for my spirit again!


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