Mittwoch, Juli 26, 2006

I like to pay a visit to the land that started my traveller spirit.
It is a mixture of weather(semidesertic) and human spirit. The geographie of mountains is the one i like most. Mixed that with RIPIO and good weather and i feel like a child with candys.
Not to speak of good food. And i mean natural grown things. Chickens that eat what a chicken should do! Allmost everything taste so good!
From tee to soup.The water has no chemical adds.
Bread is done by some Comechingon indians.They call it "caserito" and means home made.One of those with good mate and dulce de the best way to wake up in the winter mornings.
Our house there has no gas.So we need to cook our stuff with the old iron stoven.
It has a serpentine conected to the water pipes in order to heat the warm water tank.After a few days all your stuff and clothes smell like smoked!!!!!
This time i decided to take the little C-90 up to the sierras in LA POBLACIÓN.A smal town 10 miles from SAN JAVIER.
It is a quiet allmost boring place.You can reach many natural beauties from there.I decided for two.Los Chorros and the Rancho from Chicho Ferreyra.
The first one was ok,nice little spring in the moutain base.But the Rancho was far better!
This family lives like 100 years back in time.No electricity,no water lines,no alarms(hahahah)just them and theyr sheeps.
As i allways do when visiting special people like them i bring a few edible items as a gift for their hospitality.Mostly dryed pasta or Yerba.
The rancho is very nice and clean.Roosters and chickens walk all around.It is protected by a heavy fence of espinillo(thorn bush)and wire.Pumas are regular visitors at nigth.
I will be visiting them again in the summer with my XR.
We had beautyfull days of a warm winter.Cold at nigths but dry and sunny.

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