Montag, Februar 25, 2008

It was about time to leave BA and get back the level of mental health to a tolerable point!No winter days off so i was about to snap......
Those days in San Javier proved to be the needed ones.
As normal got out on the bike to search for more old forgotten tracks on the mountain! And there are so many.....this time i went into Achiras arriba and beyond that to diferent inhabitated and deserted frontier barracks up in the sierras.They don´t have electricity nor pipe water.They live like a 100 years ago.So much peace over there.....
As usual i visit my good friend ERIK THOMSEN in Carlos Paz.Crossed the paso de las altas cumbres with a few clouds,but beautyfull weather.He has rebuilt his trusty Jawa 350 back together to go to Bolivia this year again.
This year my joungest son Sven came with me on the trail search.I know by his look that he got infected by the biker traveller thing too.
Here a few pictures.Enjoy.

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