Dienstag, September 25, 2007

After puting the mesh screen the thing is complete!

Freitag, September 21, 2007

After a long winter break i was working on a new oilcooler.After instaling the new oilgauge on the upper oiltank measurments could be done properly.After being happy and surprisingly horrofied by the 123º C reached on city traffic i knw i had to do something.
So the cooler was selected and purchased(from a 2 CV).After working a few hours on my garage the "thing" was instaled.A crash bar of aluminum was done too.The only thing i still have to do is a mesh screen to protect from stones.
Now after the first rides it is working on the 85ºC barrier! Very happy now.
More soon

Sonntag, März 04, 2007

Changing global weather? Yes , don´t tell.This trip began and ended with lots of rain!But what the h.... bikers life is that way.Is good to have warm coffe with.The ride is quite flat and signed by the BA Pampas up to Achiras,73 km from Rio Cuarto.Then the Sierras Grandes apear in front of you.What a ride every time.We had this year visitors from Scotland and Holland,Andrew and Maia.From BA Ariel and Patricia.We had great moments watching the stars at nigth,eating asados,pizzas and panqueqs(Banana,salami and bacon with onions).We visited Chiche Ferreyra at his Rancho.
One long promised ride was done.Crossing the sierra at El paso de la Cruz.Nice ripio roads all the way up to Carlos Paz.There i visited my friend Erik Thomsen and had a great asado again! Mate is obligated as both are adicted to it!!!!Way back to San Javier was done by the Altas Cumbres,all tar.
Here a few pictures

Sonntag, Januar 07, 2007

Every year at MBIhttp://www.mbiweb.org/ they have a voting time.You as a reader can enter and vote the diferent nominations.Go there,its fun and you can make a manufacturer to think about his product!

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