Freitag, Januar 02, 2009

Today was the official start of the DAKAR in Buenos Aires.The plan was to bring all the participants to the opening podium,to inaugurate each one his race!In a million city like BA an imposible task to keep organized.The last part was surrounded but the beguining of the Avenida 9 de Julio was not.So the widest street on earth was taken by enthusiasts.Not to good.
As the first quad arrived he was overrun by picture hunters.As the rest began to arrive more people came.....
In the mean time 3 Pampa jets flew over us a few times.
Inbetween the riders normal cars and bikers where still using the street.To crowded!!!!Time to run away to easyer places to do my rask.
Planetario,was at the begining also ok.But after two hours.....the same show.
In all a nice and populated day at the races here in BA!
Enjoy the pictures

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